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Thought I would cross post this from my other blog on mypolice. Been a very difficult week for our startup and proof about how difficult it can be in our position of just out of art school and a being a small organisation.

As many of you know, last week learned that HMIC were announcing the launch of their own “My Police” platform, also intended
to make police services more accountable and encourage dialogue between
the police and citizens. You can read our statement here.

The past few days have been overwhelming to say the least. There’s been so much fantastic support that we can’t thank everyone
individually, but search for mypolice on Twitter and you’ll find everyone.

The advice and support has been really fantastic and so helpful for us. We’ve collected a few things here that we’ve been particularly
pleased to receive or that we’ve found useful.

You can read more here:


The Guardian

The Herald

Bear Faced

Public Strategist

David v. Goliath

You can show your support by adding our logo to your Twitter avataar! Twibbon

We are going to release a video later this week to answer some questions that keep cropping up around domain names, legalities etc. We
also want to respond to some criticism and negativity by sharing our
journey so far with you.

To each and everyone of you who Direct Messaged us, emailed us, Re Tweeted us !!!!!!! THANKYOU !!!!!!!!

We spoke with HMIC today. We want them to apologise and change their name. We are expecting a phone call in the morning to confirm if and
when this will happen.

We will announce what ever news we have as soon as we can!

The events over the past few days have made so many people aware of who we are and what we do. We have been receiving countless emails from
people who want to share their experiences with the police. We want to
launch NOW and we are working so hard to make that happen.

We differ from government organisations because we are service designers, we work closely with our developers and our stakeholders at
every stage of the process.

We are proud to have proven the power of social media, the power of people and the power of grassroots
innovation! YOU are making it happen! so thank you. Let’s keep it up!

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